Lesson Learned For Byrds

Singer Tracy Byrd who recently parted ways from MCA Records, and his wife, Michelle, have learned an invaluable lesson on home child safety for their two children after their 16-month-old son, Logan, was severely burned by hot water while taking a bath. When Tracy was recently giving Logan a bath, he turned his back for just a second when Logan turned on the hot water and burned his arms and legs. After visiting a renowned burn specialist doctor and plastic surgeon in Beaumont today, it has been determined that Logan suffered second degree burns on his left hand and foot, but will not require plastic surgery. The Byrds learned from Dr. Duane Larson, who supervised the world-wide known Shriner’s Childrens Burn Center in Galveston, Texas for 17 years and now has a practice in Beaumont, that hot water heaters set above 125 degrees can cause severe burns and even death in children and the elderly. The Byrds had never checked to see in their new house where the hot water heater was set, to discover it had been on 160 degrees and can go all the way to 180 degrees. Doctors are optimistic that Logan’s burns are going to heal naturally in about 3 weeks with minimal-to-no scarring to his left hand and foot. Tracy and Michelle are changing his bandages and applying medicine daily. “I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers so much and all the phone calls Michelle and I have gotten lending encouraging words. It’s meant the world to us.”