Curb Responds to Rimes Remarks

Curb Records has responded to remarks LeAnn Rimes made on her website last week disavowing her new album, I Need You. In a letter to her fans, Rimes said the record was made without her creative input and that she was “truly and deeply sorry” that it is being released. In a written statement released through the label’s publicist, Curb said: “We believe that LeAnn Rimes’ newly released I Need You album is the best album that she has ever recorded. Nevertheless, we are excited about the new musical directions that LeAnn is exploring for the future, and as always we respect her talent and her opinions.” Rimes’ father and former producer, Wilbur Rimes, also chimed in on the matter, releasing his own statement through Curb. “This album has great sentimental meaning to me because it was the last project that my daughter and I worked on together. … I believe this is one of the best albums LeAnn has ever recorded. … These were all finished masters and LeAnn loved the way it all came together when it was complete.” Rimes is suing her father for mismanaging her business affairs. The singer dropped a federal lawsuit against Curb on Jan. 16, but she is suing the record label in Tennessee state court, her Los Angeles-based publicist says. Rimes wants to be released from her contract with Curb, which her parents signed on her behalf when she was 12.