LeAnn Rimes Disowns New Album

A new LeAnn Rimes record is in stores this week, but the singer isn’t very happy about it. In an open letter to her fans, posted on her website, Rimes says she was “shocked” that Curb Records is releasing I Need You without her approval. “This album was made without my creative input,” she writes. “It consists largely of unfinished material and songs that didn’t make other albums … I want to make abundantly clear to you that this album is not a reflection of myself as an artist but is solely the conception of Curb Records, and for that I am truly and deeply sorry.” The 10-cut project includes the previously released “Written in the Stars,” a duet with Elton John, two tunes from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack, and “I Need You” from the Jesus: The Miniseries soundtrack. Her father, Wilbur Rimes, whom LeAnn is suing, is listed as producer on several cuts. In a separate lawsuit, LeAnn Rimes is suing Curb Records for release from the contract her parents signed on her behalf when she was 12, an action she also addresses on her Web site. “The terms of the contract were never properly explained to me until recently. I did not know, among other things, that the contract with Curb Records was for an initial period plus six option periods with multiple albums during each period. This is not fair.” Even as all the legal wrangling plays out, Rimes is writing and producing material for a new album to be released early this year.