Diamond Rio Single Becomes Tribute

Award-winning band Diamond Rio learned this week that its latest single, “One More Day,” is helping Oklahoma residents cope with a local tragedy. Last Saturday (Jan. 27) two Oklahoma State University basketball players, team announcer Bill Teegins, five staff members and two pilots were killed in a plane crash just outside Boulder, Colo. Reid Mullins, production director at Oklahoma City country station KXXY/KTST, compiled soundbites from local TV stations and archival play-by-play sound from Teegins with the song “One More Day” to create a tribute to those who died. Diamond Rio supports the use of the tune. “We are proud our song is being used in this touching tribute,” the band said in a printed statement through a label publicist. “Our hearts go out to the entire university and all touched by the team, staff and pilots. Maybe this version of ’One More Day’ will be of some comfort as they deal with this tragedy one day at a time.”