Black Working on Record, Waiting on Baby

Clint Black was in a Los Angeles studio Tuesday (Jan. 16) working on the follow-up to his unplugged album, D’lectrified. He says the new project includes some of his best songwriting to date. “I have a couple of things that may be the best love songs that I’ve ever written. I mean, ever,” he told from the studio via phone. “I may never be able to top either of them. There are some things I’m doing that are going to be a little bit different. Nothing outside like D’lectrified, which was about as outside as I’ll ever get, but I think it [the new album] may be a little bit bluesier.” Black says the RCA album probably will be released in the fall, but he’s trying to finish it up before the arrival of his first child with wife Lisa Hartman Black in May. “It’s really getting exciting. We’re in our sixth month,” he said. “I’m feeling the baby kick, and it’s great.” Clint and Lisa will perform their award-winning duet, “When I Said I Do,” at the Black Tie & Boots Ball Friday (Jan. 19) in Washington, D.C., in celebration of the inauguration of President-elect George W. Bush. Other than that, Black says he’s clearing his schedule for the stork’s visit. “I want to be around not just for the birth, but for all the preparation,” he said. “Once the baby comes, I’m going to stick real close to the nest for a little while — maybe forever, I don’t know!”