Cash Clarifies Diagnosis

Country legend Johnny Cash has battled health problems in recent years, but he apparently isn’t fighting Shy-Drager Syndrome, the neurological disorder with which he was diagnosed originally. “My doctor came to me and said, ’If you’ve had it, you’d be dead by now,'” Cash told the Associated Press. “I denied that disease all along. God wasn’t going to let me die with something that sounds that nasty.” Lou Robin, the singer’s manager, tells that doctors told Cash a year ago, during a hospital stay, that he has autonomic neuropathy, a disease that affects the central nervous system. On the professional front, Cash said he is planning a new album with producer Rick Rubin, with whom he collaborated on the Grammy-nominated album American III: Solitary Man. Cash is spending the winter with wife June Carter Cash at their home in Jamaica, where he writes songs and listens to music. Trisha Yearwood and the Mavericks are among his modern favorites according to the AP story. “Sometimes I’ll even listen to Hank Williams Jr.’s albums if I feel like I can stand the pressure,” he said jokingly. “I love him like a brother, but boy, he comes on strong.”