Brooks & Baseball: The Last Inning

With a .045 batting average (1-for-22), Garth Brooks’ baseball dream camp has finally come to an end. Ultimately, Brooks left the San Diego Padres venture without a contract when spring training recently ended. One scout explained that Brooks “couldn’t do it all –couldn’t hit, couldn’t hit with power, couldn’t field and couldn’t run.” Brooks did, however, leave lasting impressions with the pro players — proving he could rank high in the areas of enthusiasm, dedication and leadership. PLUS! The forthcoming pop-flavored album, Garth Brooks in “The Life of Chris Gains”: The Prelude to “The Lamb,” was originally slated for a May 4th release, but has now been pushed back as much as two months. According to a Brooks spokesperson, the reason for the delay is due to the need to help “set up” the project. The new album will span the career of a fictional character from the movie Brooks is co-producing. Additionally, there is still a possibility that the entertainer will play the rock star character in the movie.