Aaron’s Autograph

It wasn’t just the normal autograph from Aaron Tippin for which Lyric Street Records executives waited. They waited in the long Fan Fair line along with other Tippin fans to the singer’s “John Henry” on a new recording contract with the new record company. Tippin joins Lyric Street Records as the first male artist on the roster. Tippin’s brand new single “For You I Will” hits radio this month. Pictured are Randy Goodman – President, Lyric Street Records; Tippin; Doug Howard – Sr. VP, A&R; and Carson Schreiber – Sr. VP, Promotion/Product Development. Plus! Tippin will mark the first-ever country music artist to be featured on the cover of Playgirl magazine. He will not, however, be posing nude in the photo spread. “I’ve never done and won’t ever do anything that my mama wouldn’t be proud of,” he explains. The Tippin cover issue is slated to hit the news stands on August 6th.