Lonestar Joins Clark for New Year’s

Lonestar caps off a tremendous year with a performance on the annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. “How many years have we sat around the TV and watched him do the dropping of the ball in New York?” guitarist Michael Britt told country.com. “Now we’re going to be part of it.” The band members will fly to Los Angeles where they’ll perform their crossover hit “Amazed” and “Tell Her,” currently at No. 7 on the Billboard country singles chart. “Once you get going with the passion, you might as well stay with it. We’re going to remind people that we’re the ones that did ’Amazed’ and then hit ’em with the one that’s doing awesome for us right now,” said keyboardist Dean Sams. “It’s just a great nod from Dick Clark, giving us a chance to get in front of lots and lots of people and getting our name and faces out there.”