Austin In Action

After a recent radio visit in Denver, Colorado, new country songstress Sherrie’ Austin, her producer/guitarist Will Rambeaux and Arista/Nashville regional promotions rep Dawn Richardson arrived at the Denver airport to fly to Wichita for another important engagement. As fate would have it, a thourough luggage search came their way, causing Austin and her entourage to be thirty minutes behind schedule. Having picked up a bagel with cream cheese, Austin became so flustered by the ordeal, she accidentally put her bagel on the baggage security belt. Now with a ruined bagel, their plane would depart in only three minutes. After racing to the gate, to discover everything had already shut down, the three managed to catch another plane flying to Wichita, thanks to Sherrie’, who had to actually knock on the pilot’s window to convince him they had to be on the plane. Although they made it to Wichita, their luggage did not. Luckily, a friendly skycab did impressions of Elvis and John Wayne to help pass the time.