Where There’s A Wills, There’s A Way

Earlier this week, Mark Wills was in Atlanta, Georgia, flipping through the “boob tube” when he was drawn to a special Maury show, featuring a segment called “Beautiful Girls With Ugly Scars.” One of the guests on the show, Karlee, was only 7-years-old and had been scared from a fire. As she was telling her story, she eventually sang Wills’ No. 1 song “Don’t Laugh At Me.” He was so moved to tears that he called the show’s producer. The segment had been taped several months earlier, but they had just booked Karlee to come back for a follow-up show. Wills agreed to come on the show, meet the girl and even sing his song with Karlee. The show is expected to air late May. PLUS! Wills is also busy lending his voice to the character of Huckleberry Finn for an animated version of Tom Sawyer, which will be released on MGM home video.