Wynette’s Autopsy Results In Four Weeks

“I’m saddened by the lawsuit filed by Tammy’s daughters,” said the late Tammy Wynette’s husband George Richey at a Nashville press conference. After battling repeated allegations regarding Wynette’s death, Richey finally responded by speaking to several media representatives, announcing that he had approved an autopsy, which has already been conducted. The legendary entertainer’s widower explained that the results would be available within four weeks and hopes they will finally bring peace to what’s turned into an unnecessary fiasco. Questions surrounding Wynette’s death have continued to make headline news as Wynette’s daughters recently filed a malpractice and negligence suit on Monday against their mother’s physician and Richey, claiming that they caused her death by giving her too many narcotics and not monitoring her medical condition closely enough. The women are reportedly suing for $50 million in compensatory damages.