Cyrus Wears His Sunglasses At Night

But not because he’s an incredible star. Billy Ray Cyrus sported sunglasses last weekend during an in-store appearance in Paducah, Kentucky, not to affect a “star” persona, but because he had a piece of metal embedded in one eye! “I’d gotten something in my eye a couple of days before, and didn’t go to the doctor, thinking it would heal itself, but it didn’t,” relayed Cyrus. “So the day of the in-store, my eye was all swollen and red, and I thought it was going to pop out of my head, but I couldn’t disappoint the fans. So I did the in-store at the Disc Jockey store and went to the doctor after we were through. He pulled out the metal and said it was rusting. No wonder my eye was in such bad shape!” All is well now, however, and there is thankfully no lasting damage.