Rogers & Davis Hit Europe

Songstress Linda Davis has joined Kenny Rogers for a five week European tour starting in Warsaw, Poland, and ending May 30th in London, England. The tour will stretch through Poland, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland and Wales for a total of 20 dates. “Reba introduced me to the European audience in January,” says Davis, who’s spent a lot of time performing with Reba McEntire. “I didn’t get to do my own show. I was backup for her. But the response from the crowds was great and they actually knew who I was and had my music. I came back from that trip pumped and knew I wanted to go back. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to go back this soon. To be on tour with my own show and on stage with Kenny Rogers is icing on the cake. He is an international icon.” Rogers has also invited Davis to be his special guest duet partner when he is featured on A&E’s Live By Request, which airs Wednesday, April 21st.