Wynette’s Widower Dismissed From Lawsuit

A major new development has taken place in the $50 million Tammy Wynette wrongful death lawsuit. Wynette’s widower, George Richey, is no longer being sued by the country legend’s four daughters. A judge made it official Thursday morning that he has been forever dismissed from the suit. However, the lawsuit continues against Wynette’s doctor, Wallis Marsh. Richey still supports Marsh, saying he used extraordinary care to keep Wynette alive. Richey’s lawyer, Robert Ritchie, said that “no money changed hands” in connection with the daughters’ agreement to drop their suit against Richey. But Wynette’s husband reportedly agreed to forfeit his potential claim to any money that may be recovered from the wrongful death lawsuit against Marsh (Richey would have been entitled to a share of the money as Wynette’s surviving spouse). Richey also promised not to sue Wynette’s daughters over the “untrue statements” that he says they have made about him. Both sides in the Wynette lawsuit are waiting results of the autopsy performed on the singer’s remains April 14.