This Bud’s For Tim

May CMT Showcase artist Tim McGraw takes on the lead role in two new Bud Light commercials that began airing last month. The spots were created to coincide with Bud Light’s sponsorship of McGraw’s new A Place in the Sun Tour, which kicks off in July. The first thirty-second spot, titled “Aren’t You,” features the new ACM Top Male Vocalist of the Year chatting with several bar patrons, who recognize the musician only as the husband of the ACM Top Female Vocalist of the Year Faith Hill. All conversation is devoted to the praise of Hill and inquiries about their marriage. In the spot’s conclusion, the slightly frustrated McGraw explains he sings as well, but is met with a sarcastic “Well, bless your heart,” response from a polite, yet doubtful server. In the second spot, McGraw and his often-praised physique are admired by two female convenience store employees in the commercial titled “Clerks.” McGraw, who is in the store in search of a cold Bud Light six-pack, is directed down an isle by two nervously-excited clerks who hone-in on his backside. Not content with their brief view, the clerks later encourage McGraw to grab a colder six-pack from the bottom of the cooler. For one last glimpse, one of the clerks purposely drops McGraw’s change on the floor. “I’m thrilled that Bud Light let me film two more commercials this year,” he says, “and I’m even happier they let me keep my pants on this time!” McGraw’s 75-plus city A Place in the Sun Tour will support of his new album with the same name.