George Jones Responds To Grand Jury’s Verdict

Country legend George Jones will respond publicly today to the grand jury’s decision regarding possible DUI or related charges, which stem from his March 6 auto accident. Although the verdict remains sealed, the Williamson County grand jury reached a decision Monday, May 10, that could result in Jones facing such charges as DUI and wreckless driving. Jones is scheduled to be at the Williamson County Circuit Court this morning when a judge hears the grand jury’s decision. Jurors heard from three witnesses on Monday — Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper Michael Sprawling, THP Sgt. Ronnie Strickland and an emergency medical technician. “I understand there were options to indict (Jones) for driving under the influence, driving while impaired, wreckless driving and violation of the open container law,” reports Attorney Ed Yarbrough. He also explains that the grand jury has the option not to charge Jones, or to defer the case. The case is expected to be wrapped up today, with Jones making a statement following the court proceedings. Several days after Jones’ Williamson County traffic accident, which resulted in a 13-day hospital stay, local media reported that a sealed, yet partial bottle of liquor was discovered in the entertainer’s wrecked Lexus. Although Jones continues to deny that he was drinking, pressure from both the media and public led to the grand jury hearing.