Rodriguez Out On Bail

Singer Johnny Rodriguez, who was recently charged in the shooting death of a man who entered his home, spent Labor Day weekend at home after his bail was reduced from $250,000 to $50,000. A grand jury will convene to hear the murder charge against Johnny later this month. Rodriguez, perhaps best known for crooning such hits as “Pass Me By,” “You Always Come Back (to Hurting Me)” and “Ridin’ My Thumb To Mexico,” was charged with shooting Israel Borrego, an acquaintance he had known for several months. According to Rodriguez’s attorney, Alan Brown, “Johnny was across the street at his brother’s house. He heard noise, they had had problems with burglars. He walked across the street.” Brown stated the singer entered through the front door and took a gun from a shelf. “It was dark, an intruder came toward him,” Brown said, “He surprised Johnny.” Borrego was shot once in the abdomen. The singer’s attorney said Johnny realized who the intruder was only after the single shot was fired. “Borrego had been coming uninvited,” Brown said. “He had been told not to be in the house.” According to the San Antonio Express-News, police would not discuss a possible motive.