McGraw Takes A Step Back

Super singer Tim McGraw’s concert performances have come full circle since his career began in 1994. He and his band, The DanceHall Doctors, began playing clubs and honky tonks years prior to his record deal. They performed anywhere they could, as often as they could. When “Indian Outlaw” broke and became a hit record, those clubs filled with more bodies than space. Now, after 13 million albums, four million singles, 12 No. 1 songs and opportunities to play in some of the largest venues the country has to offer, McGraw wanted to experience the club circuit again. So he created the Bread & Water Tour. The tour has appeared in four markets so far. “I wanted to get back to where I started performing. Those small clubs gave me a chance when I was a nobody. I love performing — whether it’s in a small club or an arena or a festival. As an artist, I think it’s important to experience it at all levels,” he says. McGraw designed the name of the tour. “It’s the perfect name, because that’s what we’ll get paid,” he says jokingly. “But also, it’s a statement about getting back to the simplicity of it all. It’s us, the crowd and the songs.”All the proceeds from the $15 ticket charge have gone to local charities in each community played. To date $75,000 has been raised.