Chicks Fly on Primetime Concert Special

CMA Entertainers of the Year the Dixie Chicks will be featured Monday (Nov. 20) in Dixie Chicks: On the Fly, a prime time concert special on NBC. The show was taped in August during a sold-out, two-night stand in Washington, D.C. The Chicks’ first special will include songs from the band’s multi-platinum albums, Fly and Wide Open Spaces. Emily Robison, Marty Seidel and Natalie Maines also try their hand at comedic acting with skits co-starring actor Andy Dick, star of the now defunct NBC sitcom News Radio. The shorts were directed by Joel Gallen, the twisted mind behind the spoofs featured on the MTV Movie Awards. “We are not playing ourselves,” Robison said at a recent news conference. “I look like a dumb a**.” Maines said they added the skits because they wanted to do something a little different. “We didn’t want to just do a music special, ’cause everyone does that,” she said. “At first we totally said no, but then we talked to different networks and found the one most willing to let us do what we wanted. It’s mainly music, but some of the skits kinda poke fun at trends in the [music] industry.” The hour-long show airs at 8 p.m. ET.