Healing Power of a Song

When The Judds reunited in Phoenix on New Year’s Eve, Naomi Judd felt tremendous pressure to touch people in the audience who might need healing, daughter Wynonna says in a recent interview with country.com. “There were a lot of sick people in that audience,” she explains. “A lot of people wrote in saying that they had what she had [hepatitis] or AIDS or cancer. She felt like she needed to be a beacon of light for these people. She put an awful lot of pressure on herself.” Wynonna took her mother’s hand as they went up the elevator to the stage, reminding Naomi that “job one” on that night was to celebrate their reunion and be a family. “She felt pressured to be a healer,” daughter Wy recalls. “She wanted to go out and touch everybody in that audience. She does that to herself and gets pretty out there, quite frankly, and we have to bring her back.” Read more about the New Year’s Eve concert, Wynonna’s new album, New Day Dawning, and The Judds’ upcoming tour Thursday at country.com.