Titans Inspire Songwriters

The late Jimmie Rodgers, the Singing Brakeman, has climbed on board the Tennessee Titans’ Super Bowl-bound train. Filled with fever for their successful pro football team, Nashville-based songwriters are finding ways to pay tribute to Steve McNair, Eddie George and the rest. The latest tribute song is a reworked version of Rodgers’ early country classic, “T for Texas,” done up as “T for Titans” by songwriters Tommy Conners and Robert Ellis Orrall. Rodgers’ publisher, Peer Music, helped the writers demo the song earlier this week for delivery on Thursday to local radio stations. The chorus ends by proclaiming, “The Titans are the team of destiny.” Other Titans-oriented compositions include “The Freak,” about defensive standout Jevon Kearse, which borrows from Ray Stevens’ “The Streak,” and “Titans No. 1,” derived from Lou Bega’s Latin-flavored “Mambo No. 5.”