Eric Heatherly Rocks Tootsies

Thursday night’s crowd at Nashville’s legendary Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge was so packed for Mercury artist Eric Heatherly’s triumphant return to his old stomping ground that the crowd had to spill out onto the street and up the stairs to Tootsie’s upper performance room. Heatherly, who first got noticed by Music Row for his frenzied performances at Tootsies, had performed there for over two years and had not been back in a year. There was barely standing room for the wildly cheering crowd of industry types and loyal fans who even danced on the bar. The crowd shouted out all the words to Heatherly’s songs, remembering his early, pre-record deal days at Nashville’s famous honky tonk.

Heatherly’s new single, a cool, retro remake of the Roger Miller and the Statler Brother’s hit “Flowers On the Wall,” was the second most added single on the R & R charts last week. The video was featured in CMT’s Delivery Room this week. Heatherly’s Tootsies comeback was dubbed his “Country Radio Seminar(CRS) rehearsal.” CRS begins Wednesday at Nashville’s Convention Center, and Heatherly will perform at Mercury’s industry party for CRS attendees.