Accidental Sentiment

By accident, former Shenandoah singer Marty Raybon recorded a sequel to “Butterfly Kisses.” The singer successfully covered Bob Carlisle’s pop smash “Butterfly Kisses” for the country market a couple of years while recording as one-half of the Raybon Brothers. Looking for tunes for his debut country solo album (to be released on Tuesday), Raybon ran across “She Doesn’t Need Me Anymore,” co-written by Walt Aldridge and pop star Peter Cetera (of Chicago fame). “Don’t know when she started changing/Don’t know how it’s come to this/Seems like yesterday she was in my arms begging for a kiss,” the lyrics begin. “Now the winds of change are blowing/And they’re taking her away/I will do my best not to hold her back but there’s nothing more to say.” At first glance, it sounds like a tragic romance song, and that’s exactly what Raybon thought when he recorded the track. However, Raybon later learned the writers penned the song for their teenage daughters. Like “Butterfly Kisses,” the song is a dad’s perspective of realizing his baby girl has grown up and that she will be leaving the nest soon. Raybon, a father of three, is now impressed with the song all the more. “Knowing the original intention of the lyrics changes the whole complexity of the song for me,” he says in a recent interview with “I love the song more now than I did before.”