More On Shania!

It’s a Happy Past Year for Twain. A year after her Come On Over was released, she has surpassed the 6 million mark. In that year Shania has seen the album spawn number one hits in both country and adult contemperary formats — becoming the first country artist to ever have a video air on MTV and be part of VH-1’s Divas and Behind the Music specials, both of which earned the Number 1 & 2 spots respectivly in the networks all time ratings. The certification of Come On Over, according to Mercury Records, puts Shania’s world sales at over 18 million albums in three years. PLUS! Fans in the states will want to be sure to catch Twain’s performance at the Nobel Peace Concert in Oslo, Norway, as the Fox Family Channel is tapped to telecast the concert. The show, which also features musical top guns Elton John and Phil Collins, is scheduled to air on December 20th at 8 p.m.

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