Wynonna the Prodder

Today in Denver The Judds begin a multi-city tour. Wynonna and Naomi Judd have not toured together since 1991, when they undertook a highly publicized farewell tour in the wake of Naomi’s diagnosis with life-threatening hepatitis C. But why, some are asking, did Wynonna agree to get back together with her mother after eight years of hard work to carve out a solo career for herself? Was it something she wanted to do, or merely something she felt she ought to do as part of being a good daughter? “I was more of the prodder than Mom was,” Wynonna reveals in a telephone conversation with country.com, “and I think it needed to come from me because I don’t think my mom wanted to impose on what it is I’ve been trying to do, and that is, be an individual. It’s almost like it had to be me — I sort of opened the door to the possibility and gave her permission to come in.”