Montgomery Gentry to the Rescue

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry — who make up the country duo Montgomery Gentry — recently saved a man’s life while traveling through Texas in the wee hours of the morning. On their way from College Park to Fort Worth, Montgomery Gentry’s tour bus came upon an overturned car on fire. The guys quickly used fire extinguishers from their bus to hold back the flames until they could tell if someone was inside. The driver, who was unconscious from the crash, was indeed trapped inside the vehicle. Eddie and Troy kicked in a window and struggled to unfasten the seat belt. It ultimately took three guys to pull the driver from the wreckage, but they were able to remove him before the car blew up. “You know, there’s so much adrenalin pumping through your veins,” Gentry said of the rescue. “You don’t even think about whether it’s dangerous. All you know is someone’s trapped, they could die and you need to help them. You just keep doing whatever you can think of and hope you can do it fast enough.”