Oscar Shuffling Didn’t Sit Well With Garth

We reported yesterday that Faith Hill — at a moment’s notice — replaced Whitney Houston on Sunday’s Academy Awards broadcast . Pop diva Houston claims she bowed out of performing because of a sore throat, but gossip columnists across the country are speculating that Houston showed up for rehearsal in no condition to perform and was yanked by musical directors Burt Bacharach and Don Was after she flubbed her songs in rehearsal. The shuffling didn’t sit well with Garth Brooks, who was supposed to be the only country act in the medley and “was literally in tears” after Hill was added, reports the New York Post. Brooks spokesperson Karen Byrd said, “When Garth learned that Whitney Houston was being replaced, his concern was out of respect for Whitney and her feelings because he’s known her for a long time — not over who her replacement would be.”