Sheb Wooley in Hospital

Sheb Wooley, 78, is in “fragile” condition, reports the entertainer’s spokesperson Marty Martel. The popular actor/recording artist has been battling leukemia for the past three years, and he has been readmitted into the hospital with pneumonia, a bronchial infection and a large blood clot in his right leg. Wooley’s most famous musical creations were “Purple People Eater” (1958) and “That’s My Pa” (1962). He made another name for himself in the guise of Ben Colder, an alter ego character who hit the charts with “Almost Persuaded, Number 2” (1966). In 1968 he won the CMA Comedian of the Year Award. Wooley co-starred as Pete Nolan in the popular Rawhide TV series, and he has appeared in more than 60 films, High Noon and Giant among them. He also wrote the Hee Haw theme.