One Million In One Week, But Baseball Next Year?

Who else besides Garth Brooks has become the king of record breaking in the music world. Unsurprisingly, he’s done it again. In just one week, upon its release, Brooks’ new Double Live sold more than one million copies. Selling more than one million-85-thousand units, according to SoundScan, the feat breaks Pearl Jam’s Versus first-week sales figures in 1993. The buying frenzy began at midnight on November 17th when folks across the country raced to get in line to purchase the new double CD. As you guessed it, music stores have reported record-breaking sales as well. But Will He Play Baseball? While rumors have continued to fly recently regarding Brooks possibly playing with the San Diego Padres team next year, the entertainer is still yet to confess to such plans. During a recent press conference in Nashville, however, Brooks did address the question by saying that if such an endeavor took place, all money made would support various children’s charities, and hopefully the team sponsors would offer the same support. “…if it doesn’t happen,” explained Brooks to SW News, “then I just didn’t see that they stepped up to the plate enough to bring enough money to the children make it worth my efforts to go to my wife and my children and say ’Ten more months I’m (gonna) be on the road, but this is for something good.'” Brooks also mentioned that he could possibly be closer to being a team owner, rather than playing himself. He was made an offer to purchase a pro team six years ago but didn’t accept.