Chicks Name Their Game

Don’t think for one second that the Dixie Chicks waste any spare time on their hands. Even on their tour bus, the turbo trio has some fun up their sleeve. And according to the Chicks, it’s the kinda fun that maybe someone else wouldn’t think was funny. “Well we play this game,” says Emily.

“Well, here she goes again,” interrupts Natalie.

“Oh God,” exclaims Martie.

“I’m just giving an example,” Emily continues. “We play a game called ’Would you rather…’ Would you rather do this disgusting gross scenario or this one. And people have to choose.”

“It just comes from being on the road together forever,” explains Natalie. Things that are funny to normal people are not funny to us. Because we used to live with 12 other people on a bus. Now luckily, we have our own. And it just stems from having to go that one step further to make somebody laugh. Because we have to have a good time and make each other laugh or you know, we’re in trouble. So people get a little bit shocked. Road people not so much, because they’re pretty much the same way.”

“But you go home for Thanksgiving dinner and you realize the jokes you’re telling aren’t appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner with the Grandfather at the table,” Martie adds.

The Dixie Chicks’ new Fly disc hits stores today.