Trace Adkins Injures Hand in Accident

“The prognosis is good,” announced Dr. Craig Ferrell Wednesday night after he treated Trace Adkins’ injured hand. Adkins was working on his property in rural Middle Tennessee when a 400-pound boulder, dislodged by the front end loader and trailer Adkins was operating, ran over his left hand. The ends of his middle and index fingers were crushed in the incident. Adkins was able to drive himself to the nearest emergency room, where Dr. Ferrell, the orthopedic specialist who treated Adkins’ ankle when he broke it a year ago, repaired a compound fracture in Adkins’ middle finger that also required 40 stitches. He is expected to make a full recovery in six to eight weeks. At home after the incident, Adkins joked, “Well, it’s been a solid year since I paid my last visit to the hospital, and I was missing all my friends in the emergency room.” His tour dates will continue without interruption, although he will not be able to play his guitar until he is completely healed. Fans may send get-well wishes to Adkins at: Trace Adkins; c/o Capitol Records Nashville; 3322 West End Ave., 11th Floor; Nashville, TN 37203.