Earl Disses the Dixie Chicks

Earl has had enough! That’s the clear and vivid message of “My Name Is Earl,” an answer song to the Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl.” It is now available for your listening pleasure (or chagrin) on MP3.com’s country page. Recorded by an act calling itself the Dixie Dicks, “My Name Is Earl” laments the domestic havoc Martina McBride and the Chicks have wrought. In full retreat, the luckless chap moans, “I suspect my better half believes the songs she hears/since ’Independence Day,’ I’ve lived my life in fear.” The chorus underlines his dilemma: “I’ve never touched that woman — I only threatened to/But that bimbo is impressionable, Lord knows what she might do/Thanks to those three Dixie Chicks I’ve got one dangerous girl/The only thing I’m guilty of — my name is Earl.” Is there a support group out there listening?