Do You Believe Him? Us Neither

Brad Paisley — of “Me Neither” and “He Didn’t Have to Be” fame — posted the following message on his official website ( over the weekend:

Hey folks! Thought I’d drop you a line to say how much your support has meant to me throughout the last year. Also, let me fill you in on the latest events … there is SO much more to tell you. I joined the Marines last week and will be leaving for boot camp following Fan Fair, which may put a slight glitch in my touring schedule. I’ve also been recording my next album, which will be an entirely instrumental record, no vocals, except for the featured rap artist Puffy on a track called ’Half the Puff Daddy.’ We just shot my latest video, ’The Nervous Breakdown’, this week, featuring the dancing of Gwenevere McNally-Spriglioni (who is widely regarded as the best ballerina in Galveston, Texas). I’m very excited about that. And just yesterday I got engaged to the lead singer of the Irish group THE CORRS. Well, that’s all for now. Hope to see you all out there on the road this summer (after basic training, of course). Happy April Fools Day! God Bless, Brad.