BMI Celebrates Front Porches, Fence-Mending and Lonestar Hit

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BMI built a real front porch — indoors, of course — to honor Richie McDonald, Frank Myers and Don Pfrimmer for Lonestar’s recent No. 1 hit, “My Front Porch Looking In.” The performance rights organization staged the celebration Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 3) at its Nashville headquarters. McDonald is lead vocalist of the BNA Records act.

With his three children in tow, McDonald stood on the ad hoc porch with his fellow writers and BMI vice president C. Paul Corbin and explained how the song came about. He said he had an appointment to write with Myers and Pfrimmer at his home but that his horses had gotten out of a field and he thought he should repair the fence instead. When he called to cancel, Myers and Pfrimmer — no fools they — volunteered to help him fix the fence. Then they would write.

The two writers drove 60 miles to McDonald’s farm and were soon standing on his front porch admiring the scenery. “What an incredible view!” Myers exulted. “But not,” said Pfrimmer, who had just met McDonald and his family, “like the one looking in.” “They left,” McDonald observed, “with blisters on their hands and a great idea for a song.”

Pfrimmer joked that he had trepidations about the day as soon as he and Myers arrived at the farm. “I saw a huge air compressor and a jackhammer that weighed 100 pounds,” he noted. “I knew what that was for. Frank didn’t. We put 100 fence posts into solid rock.”

In addition to presenting awards to the songwriters, BMI also honored their publishers, Ronnie Gant of 16 Stars/HoriPro Music and Woody Bomar of Sony/ATV/Tree; Lonestar members Dean Sams, Michael Britt and Keech Rainwater; and producer Dann Huff (who did not attend).

“This collaboration is not over,” Pfrimmer promised. “Stay tuned.” Outside on BMI’s elegant entryway, Pfrimmer’s publishing company, Cosmic Mule, offered partygoers free mule rides. Now that’s country!

Edward Morris is a veteran of country music journalism. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a frequent contributor to