Garth Building in Oklahoma

If Garth Brooks wants to turn his Goodlettsville, Tenn., home into a tourist attraction, where will he live? No one seems to know for sure. This summer, Brooks and his family are in Oklahoma, where they are building a new home. They lived in the Nashville-area home, which they named “Blue Rose Estate,” for a decade. “Basically, they’ve just decided, like some families, to have more than one home in more than one place,” explains Karen Byrd, publicist for Brooks’ label, Capitol Records. “So, while they’re building in Oklahoma, they also have the option to come back to this house [in Goodlettsville], which is completely livable, and live in it at anytime. They’re just keeping their options open.” Byrd says she does not know exactly where in Oklahoma the Brooks family is building, but it’s “probably somewhere between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.” Brooks’ in-laws live in Tulsa; his dad, Raymond, lives near Oklahoma City. “It’s probably somewhere around there because that was the point, to be near family,” Byrd says. The proposal to open Brooks’ Goodlettsville property to fans is on hold due to opposition from nearby residents.