Chris LeDoux Fighting Liver Problem

Capitol Records artist Chris LeDoux is resting at his ranch in Wyoming after spending a few days in the hospital earlier this week. The singer is battling some type of liver problem that goes back to his rodeo days, according to his publicist. No further details about his condition are being released. LeDoux reportedly received a “promising prognosis” from his doctors, but he was forced to cancel public appearances for the next three and a half weeks. An industry party set for Aug. 23 in Nashville to mark sales of 5 million records on Capitol also was postponed. Canceled concert dates include: Aug. 16, Stockton, Kan.; Aug. 17, Des Moines, Iowa; Aug. 18, Imperial, Neb.; Aug. 19, Billings, Mont.; Aug. 25, Gray, Tenn.; Aug. 27, Rhinebeck, N.Y.; Sept. 2, Pueblo, Colo.; Sept. 3, Mancos, Colo.; Sept. 6, Blackfoot, Idaho; and Sept. 9, Tulelake, Calif.