Warren Zevon Dies in L.A.

Singer-songwriter Warren Zevon died Sunday (Sept. 7) in Los Angeles at the age of 56. Zevon, who announced in September 2002 that he had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, released his last album, The Wind, on Aug. 26. Best known for his ‘70s rock hit, “Werewolves of London,” Zevon’s songs also found their way to country albums, including Hank Williams Jr.’s version of “Lawyers, Guns and Money” and Dwight Yoakam’s recording of “Carmelita.” Terri Clark scored a No. 5 hit in 1996 with “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me,” a Zevon song previously covered by Linda Ronstadt. Zevon’s career included a stint as pianist for the Everly Brothers, members of the Country Music Hall of Fame. 09/08/03