Dixie Chick Comments on Schwarzenegger

The Dixie Chicks have weighed in on the California gubernatorial election with Emily Robison’s comments to the German newspaper, Abendzeitung. According to a report from Ananova, a British news service, Robison discussed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s candidacy during an interview with an Abendzeitung reporter. “He is a great film star,” Robison said. “But I find his idea to run for governor absolutely insane.” She added, “America should be governed by people who have a clue. I hope he doesn’t win.” The Dixie Chicks performed Monday (Sept. 8) in Hamburg, Germany, as part of their Top of the World tour. The European leg of the tour includes shows Sunday and Monday (Sept. 14-15) at London’s Royal Albert Hall. It’s the group’s first London concert since March when lead vocalist Natalie Maines said they were ashamed President Bush is from Texas. 09/09/03