Rimes Rocks in New Movie

She’s not old enough to go barhopping just yet, but this weekend moviegoers can see 17-year-old LeAnn Rimes doing just that in the new film Coyote Ugly. In a cameo as herself, she dances on top of a bar in the movie. Rimes also provides the singing voice for the main character, Violet, played by newcomer Piper Perabo. “Piper’s character is an aspiring singer-songwriter who is nervous about singing in public, so I think she would be more shy about singing,” Rimes said in a news release. “I tried to evoke that with my own voice. It’s much more restrained than my own singing style.” Rimes recorded a movie version and a soundtrack version of the four Diane Warren songs used in the film. The first single is “Can’t Fight the Moonlight.” Rimes is back on the road after recent voice problems. She’ll play a benefit concert for the Tiger Woods Foundation Oct. 7 in Las Vegas.