Chicks OK Following Accident

The Dixie Chicks were not injured after their chartered plane struck a building Friday (Sept. 19) while taxiing on the runway at the Glasgow, Scotland, airport. Sixteen passengers and crew were aboard the twin-engine jet aircraft transporting the band on their Top of the World tour.

The Chicks performed Thursday (Sept. 18) in Dublin and had arrived in Glasgow for Friday’s sold-out concert at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center. The BBC quoted the band’s U.K. publicist, Barbara Charone, as saying, “The girls are all absolutely fine. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant.”

The plane landed safely, but Kathy Allmand, the Chicks’ Nashville-based publicist, said an airport employee on the runway “directed them in at a bad angle and the plane’s wing clipped the corner of the terminal building at a very, very low rate of speed.”

Allmand also released a one-sentence statement from the Chicks: “There was a minor accident at the Glasgow airport, and we are fine.”

No one was injured, and all 16 passengers walked into the airport after the accident. Firefighters were sent to the scene as a routine precaution, but the building and plane sustained only superficial damage.

The band performed earlier this week at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The Glasgow date is the last of their U.K. tour. From Scotland, they head to Germany for a Sept. 21 show in Munich and a Sept. 22 concert in Frankfort. They then travel to Australia for a tour beginning Sept. 29 in Melbourne.