Chicks: Country “Can’t Be Our Home”

Martie Maguire of the Dixie Chicks has told Spiegel magazine in Germany that her band is no longer comfortable in the country music realm. According to a report from Ananova, a British news service, Maguire told the Spiegel reporter, “We don’t feel part of the country scene any longer, it can’t be our home any longer.” Maguire cited a lack of support from country stars after lead vocalist Natalie Maines’ remarks about President Bush, as well as failing to win at the ACM awards in May. “Instead, we won three Grammys against much stronger competition. So now we consider ourselves part of the big rock ‘n’ roll family.” Contacted by CMT News, the Dixie Chicks’ publicist declined to comment on the report. 09/22/03