Daughter of June Carter Cash Found Dead

The 45-year-old daughter of June Carter Cash was found dead near Nashville on Oct. 24. Mystery surrounds the death of Rosey Nix Adams. Found dead with her in a bus near Clarksville, Tenn., was a well-known musician. Jimmy Campbell, 40, had been Bill Monroe’s fiddle player and worked with other bluegrass ensembles, including Jim and Jesse and The Sidemen. No cause of death has been reported, although officials speculated that carbon monoxide may have been a factor. The Montgomery County sheriff’s department said the bodies were discovered by Adams’ husband, Philip Adams. An emergency medical services worker at the scene reported that drug paraphernalia was found in the area of the bodies. Results of autopsies on the bodies were expected over the weekend. Rosey Nix Adams was the daughter from June Carter Cash’s second marriage, to Nashville police officer Edwin “Rip” Nix. 10/25/03