Lorrie Morgan Issues Statement About Her Breakup With Sammy Kershaw

In the wake of tumultuous developments between her and husband and fellow country artist Sammy Kershaw, Lorrie Morgan issued a statement on Wednesday (Nov. 5). The statement reads: “As with any ending, emotions run high, hearts sag and so it is for me with the dissolution of my life with Sammy. We have loved each other and loved the union of our two families. However, there are things between us that caused our love to lose its luster, things that made it difficult for us to harmonize well in our daily lives. Our parting requires adjustments for each of us and for our families. It is my hope that we can move through this time as gently as possible, that we can be an example of integrity for others coming up against the same heartache. Though there have been difficult moments for us, I hope it will be the way we loved that we remember. I hope that each of us and our families can start new, shaped by the way our lives have touched.” Both Morgan and Kershaw had sought and received court orders of protection against each other. 11/5/03