Nichols to Open B&D’s Tour

Joe Nichols will open Brooks & Dunn’s upcoming Red Dirt Road tour, which kicks off Feb. 12, 2004, in Redding, Pa. Clutching his trophy for Horizon Award, Nichols joked, “I’m going to carry this everywhere we go. Matter of fact, I’m going to do the whole show with this. It’s taking the place of my guitar.” Earlier in the pressroom, Kix Brooks said, “We’re looking at taking one act and playing some more music. It’s not like we’re going to lose our bells and whistles that we like to travel with. But I think it’ll give us a chance to go to some places we haven’t been in four or five years that we really need to go see. There are a lot of great fans there. We haven’t ignored them; we just haven’t been traveling the right way.” 11/6/03