20 Questions With Montgomery Gentry

Hungry for White Castle? Hell yeah!

Montgomery Gentry have built their fan base on enthusiastic shows and their penchant for partying. However, Troy Gentry rolled out of the bunk long enough to answer 20 questions from CMT.com readers — covering topics like Christmas ornaments, outdoor magazines and finding Batman in a place you might not expect.

Montgomery Gentry will appear on CMT Most Wanted Live Saturday (Nov. 22).

1. Do your wives ever travel on the bus with you guys?

Yes, they do, but with the kids and everything, it makes it a little tough during the school year. But during the summer, they travel with us quite a bit.

2. If you had one night to take your wives out on a romantic date, what you do?

Probably dinner and a movie. When we take the wives to the movies, we see whatever she wants to see. When the band and I get out to see movies, we like the action-packed and the slapstick comedy.

3. I know that you are both married and wild partying guys. How do you balance the two lives you lead with one on the road and one at home?

I have never thought about it. We just grew up in the clubs and the honky-tonks. We have always just liked to have a good time. I guess it balances its own self out. We get home, and the families bring us back to reality or whatever.

4. What is the best, weirdest or strangest gift you have ever received from a fan?

I don’t know if this would be the strangest, but we have received a bunch of Harley-Davidson Christmas ornaments.

5. What does a girl (or guy) have to do to get on the Jim Beam bus?

You’ve got to be 21 and be able to drink Jim Beam. (laughs)

6. How did you decide whose name would go first in the name Montgomery Gentry?

When we first got started walking around the record company, they just always referred to us as the Montgomery Gentry boys, and Montgomery Gentry just kind of stuck.

7. Who is the one person in country music today that you would like to tour with?

There are a lot of them our there, but for me, my favorite one to tour with would probably be Hank Jr.

8. Eddie looks awesome in black, but has he ever thought of wearing another color?

He thought about it, but it’s not going to happen.

9. What is a typical day when you come into town to perform? What is the routine?

We usually pull up 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning, get up, go hit the catering. We will get out to ride the scooters on a pretty day. Or if we’ve got some weights and a pool, we’ll work out and hang by the pool.

10. What is the last book you read and what did you think?

I am more of a magazine kind of guy. Outdoor magazines.

11. What CDs are in your stereo right now?

We have got a little bit of everything going on. I’ve got Aerosmith in there, the new Christina Aguilera in there, Lisa Marie Presley, Skynyrd, Hank Jr. and Nelly.

12. Rumor has it that 3 a.m. is Montgomery Gentry’s snack time at White Castles. How many White Castles can you eat? What is the next snack choice when there are no White Castles around?

Three o’clock is White Castle time. Usually we buy them by the case, the 30-pack. There are three or four of us up here. Our afternoon snack that we like is Hooters hot wings.

13. If you were innocently able to fluently speak another language, which would it be?

There are actually two that I would like to be able to speak. Spanish — because it seems that there are a lot of Spanish-speaking towns that we go to. And Japanese — because I am a big fan of sushi. I’d like to be able to go in and talk the language there.

14. Why do you mention death or being put in the ground in so many songs?

Death? Hmm. I never realized it was in that many songs. I never paid attention to it.

15. Anything musically or personally that you want to achieve that you haven’t achieved yet?

I just want to be able to be around like our heroes, for 20 years. To be able to tour and make music for as long as my health will let me.

16. Aside from the great music, I would like to thank you for keeping the memory of my father and the many other POW/MIAs alive. Your videos sometimes show the POW/MIA flag at one time or another, hopefully awakening a younger generation to the reality of living in the best free country in the world. What caused you to become aware of the issue?

Just growing up in the clubs and family member and friends that fought in the different wars. Through traveling, we have met a lot of POW veterans from the Vietnam area, and we just want to show our thanks and gratification for what all our military men and women have done for us.

17. What is your idea for a great vacation?

Somewhere where there are no telephones, fax machines, cell phones, and there are long sunny beaches.

18. Troy, you have a tattoo on your right leg. What is it, and does it have any special meaning?

It’s got a bunch of bats. I’ve got Batman tattooed down there and bat signal. I am a big Batman fan. It is the motif I’ve got going.

19. In high school, where you guys the big man on campus or the quiet one?

I can’t speak for Eddie, but I was kind of the quiet one.

20. You guys seem to get a long so well, and the music rocks. Have you two ever gotten mad at each other?

I am sure we have — through disagreements and everything, but we just know each other so well. I don’t even think about it.