Dixie Chicks Talk About New CD Release

The Dixie Chicks moved up the release date of their new live double-CD release to Nov. 21, from Nov. 25. Appearing on the Today show, lead singer Natalie Maines said that the group are not at all sure about the project’s future. “It could be a huge disappointment or it could be a big surprise,” she said. “I
feel for the first time in our career that we’ve really come to a place where we couldn’t call it.” Maines also said she has wondered if the group’s sold-out tour would have been sold out if her now-infamous remarks about President Bush had come before, rather than after, the tour tickets had been put on sale. She said people have said to her, “’Well, you know, well, you’re — but your tour was sold out. You know, you had the biggest selling tour.’ And I was like, ’Yeah, but would it have done that if it went on sale after March 10th?’ I tend to think not. … So we don’t have any indication as of yet, you know, how many people still like us.” 11/24/03