Chicks Manager Accepts ACLU Award

Dixie Chicks manager Simon Renshaw praised the trio’s courage when he recently accepted the Bill of Rights award from the American Civil Liberties Union. Earlier this year, the Chicks were at the center of a major controversy after the group publicly questioned President George W. Bush’s decision to attack Iraq. In accepting the award from the ACLU, Renshaw said, “Certainly 2003 will always go down in my mind as the year that America was deceived into war, and that part of that deception was the putting on notice of any dissenting voice, to ensure that they understood — once and for all, that freedom of speech is not free. The concept of ’shut up and sing’ was born.” Noting that he learned a great deal in 2003, the British-born manager said, “After all, I had started the year off managing a successful group who by the spring of that year had not only swept the Grammys, sold out one of the biggest tours of the year in a day, but had also become a verb! It was from now on possible to be … Dixie Chicked!” Renshaw added, “I am immensely proud of them for the stand they took and way they handled themselves through a moment in time that none of us will ever forget. I would like to thank them [for] having the strength to say no and for their insistence on always doing the right thing.”