Wal-Mart Begins Offering Downloaded Music

Wal-Mart has begun an offering of songs for downloading, for 88 cents per cut. There is no subscription fee for the service. The site musicdownloads.walmart.com posts songs in the main categories of “hot country,” today’s pop,” “rock hits,” “rap/hip hop beats” and “cool jazz.” The country category is further broken down in sub-categories of Christian country, contemporary, honky-tonk and traditional. Artists on the site range from Alan Jackson to Johnny Cash to Reba McEntire. Album downloads are being offered for prices ranging from $8.80 to $9.44. The site also offers blues, children’s music, Latin, dance, reggae, folk, soundtracks, new age and music DVDs. Under the user agreement, customers may download the music to one computer and back up music to up to two additional computers, make 10 burns to a CD and make unlimited transfers to a portable device. Cuts cannot be uploaded to a shared music server.