Dolly Won’t Tour This Year

Parton Will Concentrate on Promoting Patriotic Album

Dolly Parton will promote her patriotic album, For God and Country, in the coming months instead of touring as she once contemplated. She has also decided not to do her regular concert in support of the Dollywood Foundation at the Dollywood amusement park this year.

Parton explains her decisions in an open letter to fans posted Monday (Jan. 26) on the Dollymania Web site. A spokeswoman for Parton confirms the details of the letter.

Parton says she planned to perform some concerts last fall but elected not to after the release of two albums spotlighting her work — Just Because I’m a Woman: Songs of Dolly Parton, a tribute album by other singers, and Parton’s own For God and Country.

Noting that the releases were aimed at the Christmas market, Parton says, “I needed to do a lot of publicity on both CDs,” she says, “television, newspaper and magazine interviews, as well as other types of publicity, such as visiting military bases, etc.”

Just Because I’m a Woman is on Sugar Hill Records. For God and Country is on Parton’s Blue Eye label, but Sugar Hill distributes and helps market it.

Next up for Parton, she says, will be the rollouts of “Welcome Home,” the first single and music video from the patriotic album. “There’s going to be a few singles to come out from the For God and Country CD. So I doubt that I will be touring for a while.” Parton adds that she’s “also planning to write and record some this year” and will be appearing at various Dollywood functions.

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